Tune Up Checklist

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What does the tech do during a tune up?


Our 20-Point Oil Heating System Tune-Up Includes the Following:


  1. Inspect oil tank and fuel supply systems
  2. Replace oil filter cartridge and pump strainer
  3. Clean nozzle assembly and replace nozzle
  4. Inspect burner fan, coupling, and chamber
  5. Check and adjust electrodes and controls
  6. Check and set oil pump pressure
  7. Lubricate blower motor, burner, circulator(s), and power venter motor
  8. Check fan belt and replace as needed
  9. Inspect air filters
  10. Inspect and clean smoke pipe
  11. Inspect and vacuum combustion chamber and boiler sections
  12. Total system safety inspection
  13. Visually inspect wiring
  14. Check operation of thermostat(s)
  15. Test antifreeze, when applicable
  16. Adjust system to maximum efficiency
  17. Balance draft regulator
  18. Perform a combustion efficiency test
  19. Check for oil, air, and water leaks
  20. Clean up work area

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