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Category: Deliveries
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Orange arrow Do you offer Same day deliveries?

  EMERGENCY OR "SAME DAY" ORDERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ELECTRONICALLY. Orders that require a prime & start WILL NOT be accepted electronically. If your order require(s) these services, please contact a PAYLESSFOROIL.COM customer service representative directly (855-OIL-4LES) to see if we may accom...
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Orange arrow How do I reorder I've gotten a delivery from you before?

  Hello, Reordering fuel is quick and easy with the Payless Portal. Since you are a repeat customer log into your personal payless portal click "order fuel". If you haven't registered your account please click "order now" then click on the "sign up" tab....
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Orange arrow how long does it take for the temporary charge to come off and the actual one to go on when you order a fill up?

  Initially we put the card on a pre authorization hold for a full tank. After you receive your delivery we will then post your delivery information the following business day. We then take off the temporary hold and charge the card for the exact amount you owe for....
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